Supplier Track Record at a Glance

Trade network of Firefly Solar Generators

To explore trade networks for yourself, go to and pick this view from the drop down list of examples. Click on goods nodes to see their UK trade statistics.  Try clicking on company nodes to drill down.

Trade finance transaction and counterparty due diligence

It is necessary but not sufficient to perform financial due diligence on the buyer or seller in a typical trade finance transaction. For example if parties in the transaction lack relevant experience, it presents a higher risk profile. Especially in innovative industries like the solar power sector, companies with a strong track record of cross-border sales and dealing with customs clearance are valuable.

Risk metrics from trade patterns

Our new International Trade Graph and the data behind it can be a valuable source of such information. For example, a client of your bank might be looking to buy equipment under product classification CN 850239801 from Firefly Solar. This graph shows that this was the only company in this nexus to file exports of those goods from the UK over the last year or two, suggesting that they don’t have too many competitors in the UK and your client might have good reason to wish to deal with them.

And more

This free graph tool shows just the start of what can be done. We can:

  • Provide you with insights using other details that are not presented in the graph, such as frequency of trades, industry groupings, common routes of shipment and customs values; and
  • Combine with complementary data from third parties – and indeed from your organisation – to develop richer risk metrics customised for your workflows.

Contact us to find out more.

DISCLAIMER: Whilst we have made every effort to ensure that this data is accurate, this is a free tool in beta and we make no warranties or guarantees on the use of the information. Interpretations are entirely our own based on observed trade movements. Includes data from For further information about our products and services please contact us.
  1.  EU Combined Nomenclature 2017: Generating sets, non-wind-powered and non-powered by spark-ignition internal combustion piston engine (excl. turbogenerators)

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