Brands In The Automotive Industry Trade Networks

In this second article, we use our International Trade Graph to look at Lotus, one of the well-known UK car brands, under ownership of Zhejiang Geely and Etika Automotive since 2017.

Trade network showing brands

We narrow the display down to companies with similar supply chains patterns – those that import or export at least three goods in common with Lotus.

Trade patterns

It reveals some companies that the non-industry observers would not have heard of, and when you consider the number of automotive companies with facilities in the UK, there are surprisingly few on this graph. This suggests that Lotus has some relatively rare goods in its supply chain. Can you guess what they are? And we are not referring to T-shirts and similar garments, which in this group only Lotus and McLaren export – a sign of their brand merchandising strategies!

And more

This free graph tool shows just the start of what can be done. We can:

  • Provide you with insights using other details that are not presented in the graph, such as frequency of trades, industry groupings, common routes of shipment and customs values; and
  • Combine with complementary data from third parties – and indeed from your organisation – to develop richer risk metrics customised for your workflows.

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To explore the goods shown, pick this view from the drop down list of examples and hover your mouse over the goods to see their detailed descriptions. Position company nodes as required. Try drilling down on one of the other companies in the network.

DISCLAIMER: Whilst we have made every effort to ensure that this data is accurate, this is a free tool in beta and we make no warranties or guarantees on the use of the information. Interpretations are entirely our own based on observed trade movements. Includes data from For further information about our products and services please contact us.

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