Increase international sales to the EU before Brexit happens

Selling into Europe presents an even greater opportunity for those who are well-prepared.

You and your customers may be asking about future processes and costs. Will technical and safety standards remain exactly the same? What will the new duties and tariffs be? Will EORI requirements change? How much will inward and outward processing reliefs compensate for loss of free circulation benefits? What about VAT payment and reporting? Continue reading “Increase international sales to the EU before Brexit happens”

What if the UK falls back from EU to World Trade Organisation rules?

60% of the UK’s trade in goods benefits from preferential trade agreements – around 47% with the EU itself and around 13% with other countries and trade blocks that have agreed preferential trade treaties with the EU (see the map from 2013 for a guide). These could be directly affected by a switch to World Trade Organisation rules. We explain the situation below. Continue reading “What if the UK falls back from EU to World Trade Organisation rules?”

Wrexit – which Brexit model?

In our previous blog we supported the Remain argument. Uncertainty of exit will not be clarified for many months if not years. Smaller organisations will be disproportionately affected by uncertainty as effects spread through the economy.

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Brexit – stay or go?

As a small business assisting other small businesses exporting we are often asked our position on the EU referendum. This is a staggeringly broad subject – and we confine our view purely to the process of export order fulfilment.

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